30 Years


Simoniz Original Wax is where it all began over a century ago back the US. Our gold tin became an icon and the product has become the industry benchmark for long lasting protection & brilliant shine. Today, it is the product by which all others are judged!  More than 100 years of valeting experience has ensured that our comprehensive new range can be trusted by professionals to provide market leading performance every time.

Their Simoniz knowledge and experience has even been celebrated as a verb in the English dictionary!
Si-mon-ize – verb (used with object), to shine or polish to a high sheen ; to simonize a vehicle.
It's true, we even tested it....

 Shampoo and Wax

Simoniz has a heritage of protective shine, and our Shampoo and Wax combines our expertise in car cleaning with our love of a beautiful finish.
  • Guaranteed protection and shine
  • Intensive cleaning
  • Streak free formula
  • Removes harmful deposits
​It comes in a 500ml bottle.
Back to Black Tyre Shine

The Back to Black range from Simoniz has been specially developed so that you can achieve a showroom finish on your driveway.
If you take pride in your car, washing and waxing it regularly, you don’t want your tyres to let you down.
Back to Black Tyreshine is a high performance tyre polish developed to restore your tyres’ finish, bringing out the original black and removing scuff marks.
  • Guaranteed to restore, protect and shine
  • Durable gloss finish
  • Long lasting results
  • Easy to use spray
  • It gives your tyres a long lasting gloss finish, to make them shine like new.
​It comes in a 500ml arousal spray.

 Back to Black Wet Look Tyreshine

 Simoniz  have a range of products and options to help you get the look you want for your car. If you’re looking for high gloss wet look tyres, their Back to Black Wet Look Tyreshine is the product for you. Simoniz Wet Look Tyre Shine is easy to use and sprays on evenly, helping you to create that high gloss shine easily. It also keeps your tyres looking their best by creating a barrier to protect against damage, so that you can maintain their appearance all year round.
  • Guaranteed to restore, protect and shine
  • Deep black finish
  • Long lasting results

Transform your tyres today with Back to Black Wet Look Tyreshine.
It comes in a 500ml bottle.
Simoniz Original Wax

Their original formula has been developed to handle the effects of modern driving, providing a strong protective finish which will last for several washes. They use carnauba wax in their Original Wax as it gives the best protection for your paintwork, and they believe that you deserve the best ingredients in your car wax.
Make sure your car is cool, and apply to a small area and buff to reveal a beautiful, deep, glossy shine. For people who take pride in their car, Simoniz Original Wax allows you to achieve a professional, long lasting finish at home.
  • Long lasting protection
  • Long lasting shine
  • Contains carnauba wax

Trusted by car lovers for a century

Jet Black Trim Restorer

Scuffs and scratches build up on your trim over time, dulling the colour and wearing away the original finish. Looking after your car’s trim should form a part of any good valeting and car care routine, to make sure your car looks its best from top to bottom. Simoniz Jet Black Trim Restorer reduces the appearance of damage and marks, and restores a beautiful jet black finish. Use regularly to keep your trim protected and looking its best.
  • Guaranteed to clean, restore and protect
  • Reduces the appearance of scuffs and scratches
  • Can be used on all exterior plastic

Restore your car’s trim to a showroom finish today with Jet Black Trim Restorer.
​It comes in a 500ml bottle.